Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Call Me Prim

I always have had a huge obsession with sunglasses, the quantity I have is insane and the collection keeps on growing. I don't know what it is about sunglasses, I always feel complete when I throw on my pair (when I am outdoors and there is sunshine of course). I instantly fell in love when I saw the Dolce and Gabbana 3D floral sunglasses on the Autumn/Winter 2012-13 catwalk, but kind of forgotten about them until Prada and Anna Sui did floral embellished specs this Spring/Summer. 

Dolce and Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2012-13
Prada Spring/Summer 2013

Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2013

I knew I had to recreate these somehow and I've seen a lot of amazing tutorials online on how to make your own, so this is my interpretation of these insanely amazing sunnies. I Hope you like the two I created.

I used really inexpensive sunglasses from Primark, you have to try them on first to make sure the shape suits and fits your face. The ceramic style flowers are also from Primark, originally they were the decoration on a hair band but with a little force I got them off. I'm sure you could get little flowers from any arts/crafts shop or online. I used a strong nail glue, but any super-glue would do the job. Lastly cover your work surface with some old paper or magazine, you don't want glue getting anywhere it shouldn't be. Next I just started to play around with the shapes and positions of the flowers, then finally I got the glue out and started sticking!
The Finished product! x


  1. Amazing this! SHall we follow> let me knowXSE

  2. OMG WoWoWoW!!! You did this yourself??? Awesome DIY idea!!! You're so inspirational girl!


  3. Thanks for the DIY! I was actually going to buy a pair of floral embellished glasses for £25 but this will save me some pennies :)

    XOXO Sade

  4. Just lovely! =)

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  5. wow really good idea dear

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